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The challenge of this program is bringing sustainability to animal production under the new dispositions and requirements of the European Union. Therefore, research values new alternative products to the growth promoter antibiotics, and generated knowledge on the conditions of animal digestive processes in situations that compromise animal welfare. It also studies how to improve animal welfare under the new conditions required by the new model of animal production.


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  • A specific dose of grape seed-derived proanthocyanidins to inhibit body weight gain limits food intake and increases energy expenditure in rats
    2017 | Serrano, J.; Casanova-Martí, A.; Gual, A.; Pérez-Vendrell, A.M.; Blay, M.T.; Terra, X.; Ardévol, A.; Pinent, M.

  • Effect of Bacillus spp. direct-fed microbial on slurry characteristics and gaseous emissions in growing pigs fed with high fibre-based diets
    2017 | Prenafeta-Boldú, F.X.; Fernandez, M.; Viñas, M.; Lizardo, R.; Brufau, J.; Owusu-Asiedu, A.; Walsh, M.C.; Awati, A.

  • Effect of environmental enrichment and herbal compound supplementation on physiological stress indicators (chromogranin A, cortisol and tumour necrosis factor-alpha) in growing pigs
    2017 | Casal, N.; Manteca, X.; Escribano, D.; Cerón, J.J.; Fàbrega, E.