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Robert Savé

CÀRREC: Coordinador del grup de Vitivinicultura
TELÈFON / EXTENSIÓ: 934 674 040 / 1326 MÒBIL: 675 781 897

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Informació professional:


  • Robert Savé M. (July 14th, 1954 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) is developing his scientific activity in Environment and Global Change area of IRTA.
  • Also, he’s the scientific coordinator of Viticulture & Enology.
  • He’s Bachelor from Autonomous University of Barcelona (June 1977) and PhD in Biology at the same University (November 1986).
  • Over 30 years of experience in the area of Ecophysiology, mainly in agronomic environmental conditions.
  • He’s member of Water Assessor Council for Sustainable Development of Generalitat de Catalunya, Assessor of Catalonian Agency for Food Security, Member of Catalonian Climate Change Group and Spanish representative in Agroforestry in the Global Alliance against Climate Change (OECC-MAGRAMA), Member of the Metropolitan Observatory on Climate Change (METROBS), Member of DURSI’s Quality Group “ Plant Water Relations”, Editor of section Agricultural Environment and Ecology of Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research.
  • Lecturer of Ecology in Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua-FAREM.
  • He’s working from the plant to the landscape level, studying the adaptive and mitigation strategies of wild and crop vegetation to climate change. This work is based on previous studies about the characterization of plant species under different biotic and/or abiotic factors. So, he’s studying water consumption for various crop types, gardens, and landscape restorations; the inter-and intraspecific competition for water at root level; changes in secondary metabolism; the relationship between hydraulic and hormonal signals in the transpiration; the water use efficiency; the pollutants effects in crops irrigated with reclaimed water or groundwater; the relations between plants and other organisms such as fungi and insects; water, carbon and N/P foot prints.
  • h index = 25 and RG score = 33.53
  • He has 59 SCI papers, more than 100 divulgate papers, congress communications, newspaper notes, conferences……
  • He has participate directly as responsible or collaborator researcher in 50 research projects (Spanish Government INIA, MINECO, CICYT, PETRI, CDTI, IMPACTO, CIEN, CONSOLIDER); UE Life and H2020; USA Fulbright Foundation and E. Slossom Foundation) and 43 research contracts with private companies. He has 2 patents related with the effects of elevated CO2 on crop productivity.
  • He has been and is director of 15 doctoral thesis.
  • He’s member of Golden Oldies rugby team in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona), also he’s watching birds.


CV Robert Savé