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Joaquim Brufau

CÀRREC: Assessor de l’Àrea de Producció Animal
TELÈFON / EXTENSIÓ: 977 32 84 24 / 1621 MÒBIL: 607 07 37 66

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Informació professional:

Joaquim Brufau: Ph.D. in Veterinary medicine, he is Mas Bové Director and Coordinator of Nutrition, Health and Animal Welfare Program, of IRTA.

He has been involved in the enzyme preparation efficacy studies since 1986. He was on a sabbatical year in the Department of Animal Science of the University of Manitoba, with Dr. Marquardt. Member of SCAN 1994-2002 (Scientific Committee of Animal Nutrition of UE Commission), and FEEDAP panel member, belonging to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) until 2009.

He is currently involved in evaluation and digestibility studies of enzyme preparations and other additives in order to assess safety and efficacy. Recently, he is also studying the effects of diet composition and feed additives on poultry and swine intestinal health and immunology status.



Projectes destacats:


  • MEC AGL2009-11396.- Brufau, J., R. Lizardo, B. Vilà, A. Fontgibell, R. Badia and M. A. Calvo (2009, 2010, 2011). Control de la prevalencia de Salmonella y E. coli en avicultura y porcino mediante el uso de sustancias naturales con capacidad bloqueadora de bacterias o inmunomoduladoras en el pienso.
  • MEC AGL2005-02856.- Brufau, J., E. Esteve-Garcia, R. Lizardo, R. b. Badia and R. b. Morales (2006, 2007, 2008). Influencia de la incorporación de sustancias con capacidad inmunomoduladora en los alimentos para aves y porcino. Desarrollo de la capacidad protectora del intestino como alternativa al uso de antibióticos
  • UE QLK1-CT-2000-00811.- Brufau, J. and A. M. Pérez-Vendrell (2001, 2002, 2003). Solving the problem of glycosidase inhibitors in food processing.



Publicacions destacades:


  • Brufau, J. (2008). Development and authorization system of feed additive in EU. The 12th short-Course on Feed Technology, Seul, Korea: 317-323.
  • Parera, J., M. Abalos, A. M. Pérez-Vendrell, J. Brufau, F. De Juan, F. Escribano, E. Abad and J. Rivera (2008). “Occurrence and bioaccumulation study of PCDD and PCDF from mineral feed additives.” Chemosfere 73(1, suppl. 1): S252-S260.
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  • Brufau, J. (2008). Zootechnical additives. Efficacy. EFSA – Meeting on Feed Additives, Parma, Italy.
  • Lizardo, R., A. M. Pérez Vendrell, N. Ballet, E. Auclair and J. Brufau (2009). Influence de la source et de niveau de Se des régimes sur les performances zootechniques et sur la teneur en Se de la viande chez le porc (póster). Journées de la Recherche Porcine, France. 41: 65-68.
  • Brufau, J. (2008). Aditivos en la alimentación animal, presente y futuro. Seguridad alimentaria. III Congreso CLANA (Colegio Latinoamericano de Nutrición Animal), Cancún (México): 315-319.
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  • Badia, R., A. White, R. Lizardo, P. Martínez, I. Badiola and J. Brufau (2009). Effect of dietary carob bean gum and live yeast in the prevention of Escherichia coli in weaning pigs (póster). 3rd International Inmunonutrition Workshop, Platja d’Aro, Spain.
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  • Lizardo, R., A. Owusu-Asiedu, A. Péron, A. M. Debicki-Garnier, B. Messager and J. Brufau (2011). Effet d’une nouvelle combinaison xylanase/ß-glucanase sur les performances zootechniques du porcelet nourri avec des régimes à base de blé et d’orge (submitted). Journées de la Recherche Porcine, France.
  • Owusu-Asiedu, A., P. H. Simmins, J. Brufau, R. Lizardo and A. Péron (2010). “Effect of xylanase and ß-glucanase on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in piglets fed wheat-barley-based diets.” Livestock Science 134(2010): 76-78.
  • Morales-López, R., E. Auclair, F. Van Immerseel, R. Ducatelle, F. Garcia and J. Brufau (2010). “Effects of different yeast cell wall supplements added to maize- or wheat-based diets for broiler chickens.” British Poultry Science 51(3): 399-408.

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