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Jordi Riudavets Muñoz

Jordi Riudavets Muñoz
Director del subprograma entomologia

Ctra. de Cabrils, Km 2 08348 Cabrils Coordenades GPS: 41º 30’ 59’’ N, 0º 37’ 56.39” E

Tel. Directe: 937507511

Informació profesional

Entomologist with experience in research, development and transfer of integrated pest management (IPM) programs for stored products and horticultural crops. During the last years, he has been participating in 42 research projects with public funding and in 55 research contracts with several private companies. Main fields of expertise are biological control, biology of pests and natural enemies, monitoring of pests, rearing of insects, methyl bromide alternatives for the control of stored product pest and modified atmospheres. He is author of 96 scientific and divulgation papers 133, with 34 publications in peer review journals. He is member of the permanent committee of the Spanish Society for Applied Entomology, the Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee of the United Nations Environmental Program, the Controlled Atmospheres and Fumigation Organization, and vice-convener of IOBC Working Group on Integrated Protection of Stored Products. Since 2011 is member of the editorial board of Journal of Stored Products Research.

Publicacions Destacades

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