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  • Development and validation of a maleimide-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of tetrodotoxin in oysters and mussels
    2018 | Reverté, L.; Rambla, M.; Leonardo, S.; Bellés, C.; Campbell, K.; Elliott, C.T.; Gerssen, A.; Klijnstra, M.D.; Diogène, J.; Campàs, M.

  • Unravelling the contribution on the Penicillium expansum PeSte12 transcription factor to virulence during apple fruit infection
    2018 | Sánchez,-Torres, P.; Vilanova, L.; Ballester, A.R.; López-Pérez, M.; Teixidó, N.; Viñas, I.; Usall, J.; González-Candelas, L.; Torres, R.

  • Serological follow-up of tuberculosis in a wild boar population in contact with infected cattle
    2017 | Pérez de Val, B.; Napp, E.; Velarde, R.; Lavín, S.; Cervera, Z.; Singh, M.; Allepuz, A.; Mentaberre, G.

  • A specific dose of grape seed-derived proanthocyanidins to inhibit body weight gain limits food intake and increases energy expenditure in rats
    2017 | Serrano, J.; Casanova-Martí, A.; Gual, A.; Pérez-Vendrell, A.M.; Blay, M.T.; Terra, X.; Ardévol, A.; Pinent, M.

  • Acute ACTH-induced elevations of circulating cortisol do not affect hair cortisol concentrations in calves
    2017 | Tallo-Parra, O.; Lopez-Bejar, M.; Carbajal, A.; Monclus, L.; Manteca, X.; Devant, M.